Girls’ Brigade Ministries

Girls’ Brigade Ministries (GBM)

Helping girls and women explore and engage with real life and Christian faith in fun, informative and hopeful ways.

Our Values

Wherever GBM is at work you’ll see these values being lived out in our attitudes and behaviours.

Fun! In GB we laugh a lot – there are smiles because we enjoy activities and feel at ease in our relationships.

Sound! GB is safe and secure. We take care in training and equipping leaders to operate responsibly in everything they do in GB. Safeguarding children and leaders and taking care to manage risk is important to GB.

Friendship! Children, young people and leaders make friends through GB. We have time to get to know one another, to care and support each other like friends do. GB friends often become life-long friends.

Discovering Jesus! Through GB, children, young people and their wider families discover the story of Jesus for themselves. They have opportunities and space to learn about Him and to become people who live like Him in this world.

Living it! GB enables children and young people to discover gifts, develop their potential, take up opportunities to develop leadership and life skills and to express their values and faith in the way they live.

Yes! GB is full of applause, encouragement, certificates, awards, smiles and simple ‘well dones’. GB loves to affirm young people – to acknowledge their gifts, skills, achievements and efforts and to celebrate who they are.

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